Ignored, BUT not forgotten

My last post here was November 15th…I haven’t forgotten about this space, really I haven’t…

…its just been ignored.

The picture a day, project 365, that I worked on in 2011 started out FUN FUN FUN, until it became something I had. to. DO. DO. DO.  That’s what I had been sharing here, just a picture and a reflection EVERYDAY.

What happened?  why did I stop?  I had to eliminate something from my life and that’s what I chose.  YES…I kept taking the pictures, I just stopped posting them here.  I was falling behind, couldn’t keep up with all of my irons-in-the-fire so I decided to ignore this space.

Now…a few months later — I’m back.  With a renewed spirit and a desire to write. to share my thoughts. to expand.  SO that’s what I’m going to do — share in this space.  No more project 365. No more attempting to post each day.  No set schedule.  No rigid plan or theme or writing schedule to adhere to.  Just sharing when I feel compelled – I will just write…

Today I am so grateful for these gifts…

the sun shining
Fay who prayed with me
Jill who’s helping me prepare for our Valentine’s Day party
Rebekah who has taken over The Refine Conference blog
my parents who lovingly look out for my best interests
the experiences that are refining me

Yes, it was was ignored, BUT not forgotten — What are YOU grateful for today?

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  1. Sandi says:

    Good Morning…I too was reflecting this morning as I enjoyed a cup of tea on the lunai over looking the beautiful palms swaying in the breeze. It started out with a little sun but is now over cast but my heart is grateful for my children & grandkids. Each one touches my heart….something as simple as a skype call to say “Hi”. I’m grateful for you “T” & the insights you share each day, seeing you grow & mature & challenging me look deeper into myself to become a better person in Christ. Blessings

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