I Love My Brother

{Photo 123/365}  I picked them up from school and from the minute they entered my truck they were at each other.  I did my very best to be understanding and compassionate – trying to get a glimpse into their day, but it wasn’t happening.  When we got home it continued, negative attitudes and fighting.  So, I decided to have them do a project to change their thinking.

I numbered 2 blank sheets of paper from 1 to 50.  I wrote ‘I love my brother, he is my friend’ on a pink post it note for each of them – sat them down at opposite sides of the center island and said, “Write this 50 times.  When you’re done, I want to you to write down 5 things that you love about your brother.  Do not talk or get up until you are both done.”  I was surprised they neither of them were objectionable about the assignment.  Their hands hurt a little bit, I let them take a writing break, but they still had to sit there and not speak.

When they were both done, I had them sit across from each other on the couch and read out loud, “I love my brother, he is my friend, he is _____” <– fill in the blank with one of the 5 things they wrote down.  They did it, they took turns and spoke to one another.  Now?  They are playing hockey together and getting along great and I am very excited!  I’m trying to instill into them the power of our thoughts, change your thinking = change your life!  I think they saw an example of this today.  yipee.


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