High School Football

{Photo 273/365}  I think this might be only the second high school football game that I’ve been to in 20 years, since I graduated from high school.  WOW, did it bring back memories.  Mascot and cheerleaders.  Marching band and dance line.  Crowded bleachers and concession stands.  It wasn’t cool for me to have my camera, both of the boys were sure to tell me that — I embarrassed them when I tried to get the mascots attention to snap a shot with them together; oops.  They saw their friends, but spent most of the night sitting with me wrapped in a warm fleece blanket watching the game instead of roaming around socializing.  We had fun…just the 3 of us.  It was youth football night, so Zane got to go down to the field during half-time.  He really loves football, I think it’s his sport. fun.


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