He Hugged Me

I will not forget the day — Friday, April 20, 2012 around 9:00pm.  I received a phone call from my son letting me know he was on his way home from hockey practice.  So, I got out of bed, I know — it was Friday night at 9:00pm and I was already in bed {don’t judge}, and put my robe on.  I walked into the hearth room, sat on the couch, gazed out the window of the door at the driveway, and waited for him to come home…

…typical of what I would normally do.

When I saw the headlights of his dad’s truck approaching, I got off the couch, and opened the door to greet my stinky, sweaty, son.  As he approached me he smiled and said, “Hi, mom!” — then he. hugged. me.

This hug was an embrace — a tight squeeze — a wrap the arms around you and don’t let go for what seemed to be a minute, but I’m sure it was just a few seconds, kind of hug.  This hug was a blessing, a priceless gift.  This hug was given to me at the perfect time…

…this hug was a win. 

I’m assuming you might be thinking — what’s the big deal?  a hug?

I know, simple right?  For people who hug or for mom’s who get hugs from their children.  But for me, this was the first hug I’ve ever received from him and he turned 12 last week.

I’ve longed for this day — I’ve circled it with prayer — I’ve shed many tears — I’ve asked God, Why?

I got an answer several years ago, He shed some light into our lives after evaluations and assessments, SPD {sensory process disorder} and GAD {generalized anxiety disorder} — through this came awareness which brought me to acceptance…

…but it has been difficult.

I decided to focus on solutions.  I decided to search for knowledge and insight.  I decided to seek to understand.  To think of new methods that work for us to overcome, like our sign language:  thumbs-up = I love you {you can read about that here}

It was…just a hug, and I haven’t had one since.

But, it was an an answer to my 10 year prayer.  I know God is working in his heart, he is being transformed from the inside — I’m seeing positive change in other areas of his life too — I’m seeing other fruit develop.  The hug was a manifestation of what’s happening within…

…it was God showing me a win.


The question for you to answer is:

When we share we testify God’s goodness, His provision, His strength, His love.  We overcome evil with good.  That’s what happens when share and look for the the gifts, the blessings, the victories…the wins.

Every Wednesday, I will write and share a win.  My hope is to encourage and inspire you, and to motivate you to do the same…pursue wins.  {Learn more about pursuing wins here}

Share with me and with others — What’s your win?  Leave a comment below or click here


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  1. Anna Walker says:

    I can understand that kind of WIN! My son has developmental delays and sensory issues. Hugging is more on his terms for sure. But, our big win was speech, reading and writing. My son didn’t really speak until he was 5. He now will chat your ear off about his newest interest, whether it’s a new dinosaur fact he has found out, a new fish he saw on River Monsters, a new cartoon he enjoys, etc. Then another big win was when he started reading words! Now, he is making his own mini-books on things he finds interesting. He still struggles socially, and is very young emotionally, and we have no idea if he will ever be able to live independently. But, he is a wonderful child, who has taught me patience, love and a lot about dinosaurs and various other subjects! I pray you continue to have wins with your son.

    • Teri says:

      Thank YOU Anna for sharing these WINs! Isn’t it amazing what WE learn from our nuggets? I’m always in AWE by the ways God refines me through the experiences of my children. I am rejoicing with YOU!! =)

  2. Susan Goetz says:

    I have a CRAZY, busy week and work in a nursery every Wednesday – it is quiet and solitude, prayer/mediation time really. My win today is this 5 hour reprieve from the world and all that is on my TO DO list!

    • Teri says:

      WOW, Susan — what a blessing YOU are…but you are also being blessed — it’s a WIN WIN!! =) Thank you for sharing this…I’m inspired, I want to hold babies…

  3. Amy Alves says:

    Wow my friend! What a WIN! I didn’t know this story about your son. I feel blessed to know a little more of your life now. Thank YOU! I had a great WIN yesterday. It had to do with my oldest, Lilly. She was “fighting” against me, a little spiritual warfare, in such a small body. God guided me through it, a spirit of rebellion… I was able to hold her hands, and help her confess it as sin. AMAZING freedom she experienced after! It’s still pouring out over our day today! Why do I sometimes forget, that God is the WINNER!? ;) ~ Deep Godly Blessings Upon You Sister, Amy

    • Teri says:

      I think we ALL struggle with remembering ALL THE TIME Who the ultimate winner IS!! What a GREAT WIN Amy — how grateful we are for teachable moments with our nuggets, huh? We learn and grow along with them, right? =)

  4. Heatherly says:

    What a fabulous win, Teri! {Tears are welling up.}

    I had a Mom Win earlier this week when my {very} active 2.5 year old stayed with me in the library, calmly holding my hand and making great choices. She’s so active and it’s so easy to beat myself up over her behavior instead of learning to parent within her personality. It was nice to get a glimpse of her maturing and growing, and the connection we have when it’s “just us.” It’s prompted me to “schedule” more one-on-one opportunities with both of my kids.

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