Grocery Shopping

{Photo 199/365}  It’s really one of my least favorite things to do — grocery shopping.  Why?  Because I have to “handle” each item about 8 times throughout the process.  Off the shelf, into the cart.  Out of the cart, onto the checkout belt.  Off the checkout belt, into the paper or plastic bag.  Once in the bags, bags in the cart.  Bags from the cart, into the vehicle.  Out of the vehicle when I get home, onto the kitchen counter. (typically several trips from the garage to the house, mind you!) Out of the bags, onto the counter.  From the counter to their new home.  I’m just sayin’ that’s a lot of work, for me.  I understand there are those people who enjoy grocery shopping, I am just not one of them.  Nope I am not.  So to make the adventure a little more “fun” I bring my helpers.  Today we went grocery shopping.  Nothing special, really, expect our quality time together.  I missed my nuggets…so great to be home.

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