A Glimpse into KIP…Video Update

Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve are up to at Keeping it Personal; the first video – OH boy!!

The RECAP for you, just in case you missed something… =)

Our website’s got a new look, check it out, take a look around.  A BIG thank you to Michelle D’avella, she created our new look and the design and to Cathy at Desperately Seeking WordPress – she’s been great to work with; implementing and programming.

1. The Ultimate Journey. We are  very excited to be offering this 3 day course, it truly is life changing.  One of our January participants described her experience this way when I asked her to sum it up in 2 sentences, she said, “The Ultimate Journey was focused time for me to dig deep into my life issues and start breaking free from their bondage.  All with God’s help and grace.”  I love that she used the word grace.  That’s what it’s about.  Understanding Grace, discovering the truth and experiencing joy.

If you’re struggling with issues in life, if you’re experience pain or feeling stuck, you might want to consider going through The Ultimate Journey.  You can learn more about it by clicking on the ultimate journey page of the site.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, don’t hesitate to call or reach out to us.

2.  Daily KIP. I actually wanted to answer a question that I get asked frequently.  Many people have asked me where they come from and If they are written long in advance.  The answer is they come from my heart and they are written daily.

The daily KIPS are a reflection of my life journey.  As I live my life daily, experience what I experience, read what I read, do what I do, God gives me the nugget and the Daily KIP comes to me.  So, right now, I have no idea what the daily KIP will be tomorrow, but before I go to bed, reflect on my day, I will write it.

I am so encouraged by the comments and feedback that I receive when I hear that the KIP has touched just one persons heart.  The interaction is what keeps me going. Many people have signed up to receive the Daily KIP via email, you can do that too just over to the right side of this page, or if you’re on Facebook, you can “like” our fan page and receive the Daily KIP each morning in your newsfeed.

Through the Daily KIP God has taught me accountability, for that I am grateful.  I will continue to write them as long as I’m feeling led, and for now?  I’m feeling led, so I will continue to write them.

3.  How are you Keeping it Personal. Next Monday, February 28th, and each Monday following.  We will be asking the question, How are you keeping it personal? …and want you to share!

Keeping it Personal is about relationship.  It’s about the connection.  It’s about giving.  Keeping it Personal can be with yourself, with others, or with God.  Keeping it Personal can be a random act of kindness, giving a compliment, or saying a prayer.  However you’re doing it, we want to know and we want to grow the concept of Keeping it Personal.

By sharing how we keep it personal we will inspire others to do the same.  Please consider joining us!!

This is how it will work:  Each Monday We will post on our blog how we are keeping it personal.  There you can share with us how your Keeping it Personal by leaving a comment and for those of you who blog, you can link-up a blog post about how you’re keeping it personal.  The post will be open for comments and link-ups the whole day.  After that time we will randomly pick one of the comments/blog posts to feature the following week.  Here’s the FUN part, the FREE Gift – for the next 5 weeks, through the end of March the weekly comment/post picked will receive a $10.00 giftcard for Starbucks.  You can grab a coffee on us and our hope is that you will keep it personal with another person and enjoy a coffee with them.

We are looking forward to this initiative and hope that you will consider sharing with us and others!

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