{Photo 143/365} The older I get, the more I need my glasses.  Last summer I did get contacts, so I wear them from time to time, but I don’t love them – they dry my eyes out and make them tired quickly.  I’ve got two pairs of glasses, one pair on my nightstand, the other in my purse.  When I was laying in bed thinking about the glasses, I know strange, right? I thought about my physical eyes vs. my emotional and spiritual eyes.  Although my eyes physically digress over the years, my emotional and spiritual eyes gain insight – I see things clearer, with new perspective and with new glasses frequently.  As I grow and move through life wisdom increases through experiences, through reading God’s Word and other books, through others.  I am so grateful for the new glasses the Lord continues to give me and I’m grateful to be getting older, even if I can’t see without my glasses physically. I see.

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