Flying a Kite

3676-USALast week, I had the opportunity to road trip it to Kansas City with my husband, he had a business meeting on Monday so I tagged along.  I love traveling with him especially when we drive.  We have the best conversations, I read books out loud to him, and of course I sing OUT LOUD to all my favorite downloaded songs at the top of my lungs.  I think he likes it, it really do.

We arrived on Sunday, checked into the our hotel on the plaza, walked to Bo Lings, a popular local chinese restaurant, stuffed our faces, then stopped at Chaz on our way back, had coffee and a YUMMY chocolate peanut butter dessert and listened to a band play some cool tunes.

When I woke up on Monday, I had a free day to do what I wanted to do – YIPEE!!  I was determined to get outside and go for a run because the day was so beautiful.  As I was getting ready I realized that I had lost my ipod holder, the one that goes on my arm when I run, AND I didn’t have a jacket with pockets to hold my room key, a little cash and my cell phone just in case of an emergency.  So, I laced up my shoes and set out headed towards the plaza and about 2 hours later after going to several stores, I was FINALLY ready to run.  I got a dorky little fanny pack for my “stuff” and a case for my ipod.  As I started to run I thought to myself, “Had I just kept it simple, I would’ve been done by now and enjoying the day.”……oh well, off I went.

Jammin’ to my music I couldn’t help but notice the homeless people I passed by………one man under the bridge, the second man sitting on the bench who returned a smile, the third man sleeping on the bench snoring, and the fourth man flying a kite.  From a far, I thought he was holding a fishing pole but as I got closer I realized he was looking up.  Sure enough, up in the sky I saw his red, white, and blue kite.  It was a great day for flying a kite, just the right conditions.

Something inside of me prompted me to stop and talk to this man.  Partially because I wanted a break from my run, I was huffing and puffing, and partially because I was taken back to a “simple place” when I saw him flying the kite.  The simplicity of life when I was a child, the memories of me flying a kite.  Carefree.  Adventurous.  Free time.  This homeless man had a smile on his face and a name, it was Greg.  We had a really nice talk.  What a joyful man;  for someone who had nothing, he sure seemed full!  He inspired me.

He let me fly his kite.  As I was managing the kite he shared with my that this was his second kite.  His last kite ended up in the tree which he pointed out to me, it was still there.  He had to save his money to get this new one.  He loved the tail of his new kite.  I never got a close up look at the tail, but he assured me that he tied everything he owned (like socks, pieces of cloth, etc.) on the tail because he liked to watch it wave in the wind.  We must’ve chatted for about 20 minutes and before I put my ear buds back into my ears I thanked him for letting me fly his kite.  He in turn thanked me for taking the time to stop and talk with him, he said, “It’s not often when people stop to talk to me.”

One week later, I’m still thinking about Greg and his kite.  I’m reminded to keep it simple.  Embrace the little things in life that can create memories and bring joy.  I’m encouraged to just go for “the run” and not worry about the music, the fanny pack and all the stuff.  I’m encouraged to start eliminating distractions and pay attention to opportunities to just take a few minutes and talk to someone like Greg.  He appreciated me on Monday, and I appreciated him – I think my kids will appreciate him too when we are flying a kite for the first time this spring……..I’m going to share with them how I was inspired by Greg.

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