February 6, 2011

{Photo}  The team wrapped up the tournament 2 for 2.  The final game Zach scored 4 goals, he earned this lamplighter t-shirt for his hat trick and got the player of the game award.  It was an amazing game.  The weekend was fun, but it’s always great to get home.  We move tomorrow; just one more sleep at the lake.

{Daily KIP}  Grace is the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.  There is no bottom to God’s well of grace; it is a free gift always available to us.  We can be our own stumbling block, the wall, that prevents us from receiving forgiveness and grace from God if we are unwilling to extend it to ourselves.  Are you holding on to regret, past mistakes, or beating yourself up over things you’ve done wrong?  If so, what would it take, for ‘you’ to forgive ‘you’, extend grace to yourself?

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