February 28, 2011

{Blog}  ”vlog” – How Are You Keeping it Personal?

{Photo}  This month flew by…wow!  Moving.  Hockey Tournaments.  10 days in Florida.  Nothing was routine for any of us.  We wrapped up the last day of February with a family night.  Zach and I play Rummy 500, and we all used the sauna and the steam shower for the first time. We talked, joked around, laughed; we had a blast.

{Daily KIP}  Sin prevents us from being still; it causes us to be restless, uneasy, and discontent.  This can look different for each of us.  What might be troubling for one, may not be for another.  In your life, what is preventing you from stillness?  “Sin is whatever obscures the soul.” ~ Andre Gide

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