February 27, 2011

{Photo}  This is what the ice looks like, on the winning team’s half, after they win the championship game of a hockey tournament!  What a great way to wrap up the season for Zachary’s suirt A team.  We spent the weekend in Redwing in this rink – it was a blast!  The boys played so well.  While they were shaking hands with the other team, I snapped this picture with my cell phone – it’s not the best, but I loved what I saw on the ice….

{Daily KIP}  Are your life experiences bringing you down, leaving you with feelings of emptiness and resentment?  Or are your life experiences bringing you strength, awareness, and understanding?  We have a choice; glass half empty or glass half full?  What would it take for you to look at every experience as an opportunity to grow positively?

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