February 2, 2011

{Blog}  Two Ears, One Mouth

{Picture}  I think we are set for the trip.  This morning we started lacing up the skates.  He got a new helmet and a new stick.  Friday, Zach and I, will pack into a bus with his teammates and other parents for a 7 hour drive north to his hockey tournament.  Looking forward to quality time with him, but not the bus ride, stinky boys, and cramped quarters.  With that said, it will be an adventure; we will create memories.

{Daily KIP}  Perfect is conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type, or excellent and complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.  This is just NOT possible.  We are not perfect, we will never be perfect.  Knowing this, why are we so quick to magnify others’ imperfections?  Should we not focus on acceptance and forgiveness?  Who are we?  ”When you love and accept someone’s imperfections they become perfect to you.” ~ Chanel Smith

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