February 19, 2011

{Photo}  Maybe we do this too often, get ice cream after dinner.  One of our favorite ways to end the night is grabbing a scoop from the Ritz Carlton, it is so delicious!  Mint chocolate chunk was our choice for tonight.  We enjoy siting in the lobby on a comfy couch, listening to the piano, and people watching.  Simple pleasures are the bestest! =)

{Daily KIP}  One principle in life is moderation.  Everything in moderation, nothing in excess; balance.  When our life is off or unbalanced we can, in due time, experience destruction or pain.  We can only examine, know personally and accept areas in our life that need to be modified.  Are there areas of your life that are excessive, out of control?  If so, what action can you take to moderate?  self-control.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Mint chocolate is my husband’s favorite, too. Sounds like fun! Thanks for linking up to Simply Joys this weekend!

  2. Ice cream…..yum!!! :)

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