February 17, 2011

{Photo}  This is relatively new, the water fountain by the pool.  I had no idea this was replacing the plantings that were previously here when the landscaping was redone last summer.  I love it.  The sound of trickling water is music to my ears.  I had the luxury of laying by it for several hours today, while catching some rays. comforting. peaceful.  What a lovely surprise.  Little things make me smile.

{Daily KIP}  Before we harvest, we must plant.  What are you packing into the stream of life today?

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  1. Beautiful picture, Teri!! I love water fountains, too. There’s something about the sound of trickling water that is soothing and calming.

  2. Beautiful and so inviting (as the wind whips outside my Colorado window).

    Came here via Hope’s site. Will have myself a little look-around. :D

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