February 13, 2011

{Photo}  We did something different this year.  The Valentine for the friends in their classes is a wallet sized picture that I created of the two of them, with a heart around the picture saying, “Happy Valentines Day”.  They stuffed this and a fun-sized candy bar into a small envelope.  I’m burnt out of the typical boxed cards available at the stores, so this is as creative and crafty as I get.  I had one excited to do it, and the other not so excited.  But it turned out to be a fun evening getting these ready.  We talked about love.  Loving ourselves.  God’s love for us.  Tonight, both of these nuggets accepted God’s love into their hearts.

{Daily KIP}  Are you paying attention?  We can intentionally search everywhere, turn to everybody looking for answers and not find them.   God speaks to us in many ways if we are paying attention; through people, situations, quiet moments, lyrics to songs, creation, and other aspects in life.  If you’re looking for answers, turn to God, ask Him to show you.  Whisper this simple prayer, “Open my eyes to see, open my ears to hear, open my heart to know what your will is for my life. Amen”  Pay attention.

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