February 11, 2011

{Photo}  To wrap up this hectic week I had to volunteer at the hockey rink concession stand tonight.  It was crazy busy, I did not sit down for 5 hours.  Popcorn, slushies, mini donuts, and hot chocolate, were the most popular items that I served with a smile.  When I hopped in my truck to drive home at 10:00pm I looked at the dash, it described exactly how I was feeling; gas light on, tank empty and oil maintenance required.  I’m grateful that God always gives me enough even when I’m running on fumes.  I am grateful that the weekend starts tomorrow.  smiling

{Daily KIP}  Kind; indulgent. considerate. helpful. loving. gentle. thoughtful. friendly. understanding.  How can you be more kind today?  Who can you be more kind to?  Break down barriers with kindness; be enormously kind to everyone.  ”Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  ~Plato

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