Fake Frogs, I like

{Photo 253/365}  The weather was amazing today — a great morning for Zane’s football game, and a great afternoon for our play date with our friends swimming.  Once all the kids were settled and had everything they needed, doing their cannon-balls and sliding down the slide, it was time for me to sit down.  There was a green “leaf” on my lawn chair, so I thought.  I attempted to wipe the “leaf” off and it jumped up at me — it was this bright green frog!!  It scared me and I screamed.  Of course the kids thought it was great, they all took turns touching it and playing with it.  I just took pictures.  I like fake frogs, I decided.  The stuffed animal kinds that aren’t slimy and moving.  The ones that remind me of FROG {fully rely on God}  This one did not remind me of that, I’m just sayin’ =)

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