Doing Good Works

Have you ever wondered how you could make a difference in someone’s life? Have you ever had the desire to be a better person, to ‘pay it forward’? Has someone, perhaps a complete stranger, made a difference in your life with a simple act of kindness? We have decided to highlight a man who we have absolutely no connection with, but who has demonstrated first hand these qualities. We thought you would be inspired by him, as we were. Perhaps, you might decide too, to take his approach on doing good deeds. What a difference he has made, and wouldn’t it be a blessing for us to continue in this quest.

Bryan Douglas

On April 3, 2009 Bryan Douglas decided to make a difference. He placed an ad on Craigs List (of all places) asking if anyone needed help. Can you imagine? He had several responses, and after some planning, Bryan set out on a weekend trip to help others. It is as simple as that. He got in his car in Pittsburg, and headed for Chicago, with a list of “to do’s”. Actually, others’ to do’s for which he had volunteered his time. This list varied from the purchase of a battery, to providing a ride, to some sweat labor.

Take a couple of minutes to watch Bryan’s video, it is a rough documentary of his trip, well worth watching! What an incredible example of Keeping It Personal……random acts of kindness!

We challenge you to pay it forward. What can you do, something as simple as providing a ride, or helping with some lawn work…. to make a difference in another’s life? Will you share with us your stories? Maybe how your life was impacted by another’s kindness, or how you have paid it forward? We would like to make this a regular reminder for our fans- as I know I am inspired when I see how a simple action can make such a big difference!

To learn more about Bryan’s mission, to see and hear more about how he’s impacting lives, check out his websites: ~ ~ ~

You may also be interested in reading the book he has written titled, “Doing Good Works”.  Here he gives people practical ideas of how to think and act to change the world.

THANK YOU Bryan for taking action with those lingering thoughts; NOT ignoring them.  You are an inspiration.  You are truly keeping it personal.

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