The Diaper Drive

Who would’ve thought that cleaning out a closet, de-cluttering the old and unused to make room for new, would uncover something that is desperately needed – DIAPERS.

That’s EXACTLY what happened when Kristen Grode came across a couple opened bags of unused diapers.  She said, “Initially, my motives were selfish – I just wanted to get rid of these things that were taking up space!”  Then she realized, after making several calls to shelters and food banks, that there was a desperate NEED.

That realization awakened something inside of Kristen to do some homework.  She was able to find several diaper banks across the united states, but there was NOTHING established in the midwest.  The closest organization to where she lived, in Minnesota, on a diaper drive mission to help families in need of diapers was Detroit.

After prayerful consideration, she took action!!  Just a few short months ago, Kristen started Minnesota’s FIRST and ONLY Diaper Bank!

The purpose of this non-profit organization is:  to help prevent health and neglect issues for children by giving low income families access to fresh, properly fitting diapers;  to partner with the community, collecting diapers and or funds, to purchase diapers;  to act as a vendor to public service agencies with diaper needs; and to advocate, through the use of technology and social media, that “basic human needs” include diapers and that these needs are not being met for many children and adults.

The Diaper Drive has EXPLODED since May!!  Having been featured on, KSTP Channel 5 – Twin Cities Live, KTIS FM Radio, WCCO Channel 4, and most recently, Minneapolis Star Tribune published a great article to create awareness – the word is getting out!

The unfortunate part about getting the word out is that most of the contacts Kristen is receiving are from people in NEED of diapers.  Since the article was published, in the Star Tribune, she has received over 25 calls from different organizations such as hospitals, ECFE programs, and food shelves from across the state in NEED of diapers.

Donations of ANY of the following items are needed:

Baby Diapers (any brand and size)

Pull Ups (any size)



Wet Wipes

Adult Diapers (Small-Extra Large)

Belted Shields


Men’s Guards

Poise Pads

The Diaper Drive only distributes diapers to partner organizations, NOT to individual families.  To see the current list of drop off sites, follow this link.   The goal is to create MANY convenient drop off locations across the metro area.  Please contact The Diaper Drive if you are able to get a collection started at your place of employment, church, school, or other gathering place of people!  To read more about how to make that happen, click here.  The need is HUGE, NOT only in Minnesota BUT across the country!

Last Thursday The Diaper Drive hosted a dinner for diapers silent auction and were blessed to have raised enough funds to now be able to submit their 501c3 paperwork at the end of the month.  With their non-profit status they are hoping to completely cover the state of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin – they are on a mission!

To learn more about this GREAT organization visit them on Facebook or stop by their website.  Thank you Kristen for Keeping it Personal.  Thank you for opening the door when you heard the “knock” – you are truly a blessing and helping to distribute hope to the hopeless.

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