Date Night

{Photo 210/365}  Someday is not a day.  If we continue to say that someday we will make time to do this or that, it will never happen.  What I’ve found is that with everything in my life I have to be intentional about planning and taking action or I get lazy — the days pass by quickly, and things don’t get done, events don’t happen, projects linger on and on.  Our “intentions” aren’t good enough, we must be intentional; deliberate.  So I sent this text to my husband on Tuesday, “Date Friday night with ME!  I’ll plan it!”  He was thrilled.  I made reservations for dinner, I invited another couple who we haven’t seen in a very long time and tonight was fabulous!  It was just dinner, nothing elaborate — but it was fun!  Intentional time together, reconnecting with friends, laughter.  special.

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