Corn Stalk

{Photo 235/365}  This afternoon we went for a walk.  Actually I power walked while he rode his bike.  I guess you could say we live out in the country — in a development, but surrounded by farm land.  So, as we walked, Zach noticed the development, the growth of the corn in the corn field.  He jumped off his bike, ran down with his hand stretched high and said, “They are taller than me now!”  Just a few short months ago, this field was dirt with standing water in areas and now it’s a maze of over 5 foot corn stalks.  His realization of this “growth” sparked great conversations for our walk.  He starts 6th grade in just 6 more sleeps — growth.  I love the free gift we can give one another, quality time, that’s his love language.

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  1. Cathy says:

    I have my eldest starting Grade 6 this year too. two weeks more for us! And I love our chats at this age too. So much going on in their crazy social world right now (at least for the girls!)

    Talk to you later,

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