Is your life STUCK in neutral?

Is Your Life Stuck in Neutral?

Do you feel:

stranded or lost?

perplexed or dumbfounded?

tight or cemented into the daily routine of life?

anxious or worried?

indecisive or overwhelmed?

Teri is great about hearing the needs of her client and working to try and find solutions or ways she can encourage you through whatever it is you are going through. She is very compassionate and empathic, yet shows tough love, too. She doesn’t just let you whine or complain – she challenges YOU to find or make changes that can improve things. I appreciate Teri’s upbeat personality. Teri has a voice of experience and can identify with her client easily. Teri has been a blessing to me.” I am single, working professional.


Andrea P.

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The Toolbox

The negative feelings that keep us feeling stuck are not delivered to us in a box perfectly wrapped up with a beautiful bow. Actually, they are most often the lingering after effects of our life experiences which we don’t want hanging around. They prevent us from thriving, moving forward. They prevent us from experiencing joy in relationships and in our work — they have the ability to keep us “stuck-in-neutral.”
Overcoming Your Nevers Cover
So, what’s the solution to overcome this very common place? What can we do to shift the gear from neutral into drive?

I share a solution, in my book, Overcoming the Nevers. I call it a “toolbox for living” — the toolbox is broken down into a series of 12 simple steps that can be practically applied to our lives – IF we are ready to do the work, IF we are willing. Freedom from a “stuck” place starts with willingness. You have to want this for yourself. There is no one who can decide for you, or do the work on your behalf. Willingness is readiness. Are you ready?

Teri has an incredible way of speaking truth, motivating you to keep on moving forward through what ever it is you might be going through. Peeling back the layers so to speak. She holds people accountable. Whether it is relationships, career, your faith walk, or simply the daily in’s and out’s of life. She has an incredible heart, and truly cares about people! She has been given a gift of discernment and of counsel that she uses every day in her interactions with people. Teri is one of the most unique, caring, real, genuine, trustworthy, kind and competent people I know. Anyone who has the good fortune of crossing paths with Teri will be forever blessed, as I have been!” I am married, mother of young children, working professional

Leah M.

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The Key

The key to moving from neutral to drive is a choice. A choice that only you can make. It’s a choice to take ACTION. For anyone to get different results from what they are currently getting, there needs to be change. When we “change” we will experience change. Are you ready to move forward and thrive?

I was at a place in my business where I didn’t know what to do next — STUCK. What I discovered through working with Teri and her unique mastermind session was that I lacked the confidence to embrace who I was. Teri helped me see my value and gave me realistic “next steps” to get me moving forward. It was the push I needed to embrace my strengths and make decisions based on them.” I am a writer, speaker, married mother of two.


Carey S.

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