{Photo 270/365}  I noticed this tree in my neighbor’s front yard as I pulled into my development this afternoon.  Do you see the change taking place?  The gradual change?  The left part of the tree is green, then as you look to the right there are hints of light orange, then red.   It’s happening slowly as we enter this new season, Autumn, by small degrees; little by little.  Soon, this tree and the tree-line behind it will be vibrant in color.  I think of life…my journey…the journey of others who are close to me.  How we want to see change happen so quickly.  How we can be impatient for what’s on the horizon, what’s next.  How if we were to go at the speed that we would like, we might not get the outcome that God has planned for us.  How with gradual change comes refining, learning, growth.  I love how I am gradually changing.  I’m grateful for God’s patience with me through all of my seasons.  My desire is to extend that same patience to others.

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  1. Heather says:

    I have to say “progress, not perfection” to myself all the time. And I’m so grateful for the slow changes. The grace. I can be so impatient for it in myself and others…and that is usually my perfectionism rearing its ugly head :)

    Also. HI YOU!

    • Teri says:

      HI YOU!! We need to schedule our next call! I love that little whisper…progress, not perfection. OH and G R A C E…I am so grateful for that too! Perfectionism?!?! what? me? NO! lol I hear all of what you’re sayin’ xoxo =)

  2. Sylvia says:

    I love your analogy with the tree!!! And I embrace the end comment of your blog, although, maybe it should say “prayer” instead of desire? :)

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