Our Gifts

{Photo 264/365}  I tell him we all have our own unique special gifts.  Just because others are good at or excel in certain areas, subjects at school, doesn’t mean that we will OR have to.  His least favorite class is art.  Drawing isn’t something he feels very good at.  For his book report in literature class, he has to draw the story in pictures.  He’s doing his best and I’m proud of him.  ”What we are is God’s gift to us.  What we become is our gift to God.”  - Eleanor Powell

After School

{Photo 262/365}  Our days are starting to get shorter already.  I love this time of year — fall.  So much change.  Crisp mornings, leaves changing, sweaters, my favorite colors, hot cider, pumpkins…just all of it.  The boys played football outside, just the two of them into the darkness.  It wasn’t late, they didn’t want to come in, it just got too dark.  Nothing special about today other than these two. love them.

Moms In Touch

{Photo 257/365}  This morning I attended my first Moms In Touch group at the school my little nuggets attend. Why? Because my son asked me, “Mom, will you pray for me?” I said YES! What a blessing it was to be surrounded this morning with other moms who are passionate about praying Truth into their children’s lives! I’m looking forward to seeing what God is up to as we seek Him first!! =)

Working Together

{Photo 255/365}  At the beginning of the school year I had both of the boys sign a contract.  They committed to positive attitudes, being a leader in their class, no complaining, respect towards others, and asking for help.  With that, comes my part — my commitment to working with them and being available to help when I’m asked.  Today was one of those days.  He needed help with his homework.  And, because it was such a beautiful day, we decided work together on the front porch.  Brent captured this moment for me.  I love watching and being a part of my boys growth.  I am amazed by how individual they are in how they learn and do things.  What a gift, a precious gift to be their momma.  ”Don’t prepare the path…prepare the child for the path.”

Same Thing Different Day

{Photo 254/365}  Another fabulous day…to S W I M!  I checked out the forecast and it looks like today may be one of our last to enjoy the pool.  SO, last minute we invited the cousins over and it worked out — YIPEE!!  These guys had a blast.  We live so close, yet we rarely see one another with our full lives and hectic schedules.  It worked out great…they played while my sister and I caught up on life.  family.

Embracing The Bike Basket

{Photo 246/365}  We love to go for bike rides down here — explore.  My mom picked this bike out when she was visiting a couple of years ago.  At first I felt a little “mary poppinish” every time I would take it out for a spin.  I don’t know…it was the seat…it was the big white basket…it was the bright shiny fenders…the carrying thingy on the back.  But now — I embrace it!  I love the bike!  It’s comfortable, it’s convenient, functional.  Today we biked to Subway for lunch and discovered a park we didn’t know existed, fun.  Then I used the timer on my camera to capture this picture.  I love our adventures.


{Photo 245/365}  We always go out early in the morning.  Watching the sunrise is one of my favorite things to do.  He was keeping an eye on the shore land as it faded off in the distance.  We ended up going about 13 miles out today.  Our guides, who we have every time, Neal and Rob call Zach — Zach-Attack — they love him and are always delighted to answer his many many questions.  We caught several fish, but no keepers.  It was a perfect venture…nice breeze, calm waters, and just enough clouds to protect us from the sun’s rays.  I go for him.  For quality time.  It’s our thing and we have fun.


{Photo 244/365}  We were looking for something to do today, Zane got to choose…and this is where we ended up.  We played 4 games, we had all won 1 by the third, then I took the 4th — kinda.  Every other one of my turns they played for me.  So, I didn’t really win. really.  The best part of bowling is the quality time we spend together.  talking. laughing. connecting.  “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” -Victor Borge

What Little Boys Are Made Of

{Photo 243/365}  What are little boys made of? This classic poem gives us a couple answers, “What are little boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails.  That’s what little boys are made of!”  From my experience, mom of two, they are made of:  wrestling and fighting, farting and burping, laughter and joking around, sports and video games, competition and determination, dreams and ambition, tender hearts and tickled backs <– that’s what my little boy nuggets are made of.  Tonight I let them wrestle and fight — I have to leave the room and shut the door — otherwise I’m a broken record “be careful” — I have to let them be boys.

Day One of Many

{Photo 241/365}  Zach was up way early, ready to go!  Zane, he sleeps in — I had to wake him up.  Me, I didn’t pay attention to the details.  Apparently the back to school paper work clearly stated that school started at 10:00 not 8:45 like it typically would.  SO, notice the empty parking lot the boys are standing in for this picture?  Yep, that would be us, the only ones at school “on-time” — so I thought.  To kill time, we headed over to Starbucks, we talked, they ordered their favorite and I had another coffee.  It was great bonding time, but I must pay attention to details.  Details, Teri, details.  They both had a great day — they love their teachers, their classroom, the new students, and just being back into the swing of things.  I do to.