{Photo 186/365}  These BIG grasshoppers are out!  The boys love bugs of all kinds, and geckos, and frogs — and these bright colored prickly legged things.  I am not into them at all.  However, I don’t like them killed, squashed, or stepped on.  I feel sorry for the ones I see flattened on the sidewalks.  Anyway, just wanted to feature them today cuz they are “pretty” — and I’m amazed by how God sees every detail in and on everything — he made these!  Imagine how interested He is in me and my details.  So comforting.  But, they are still bugs. yuk.

This one can give you a perspective on the size of this thing…

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  1. Hi, Teri. I popped over from the She Speaks attendees Facebook page. I saw the chatter about folks looking for blog designers, and I’m in that number as well. I LOVE your site! It’s clean, colorful, and quite appealing to my girlie eyes! Oh and that bug adds quite a splash of color itself. It is amazing to think that if God put that kind of thought in the creatures that make us squirm how much thought he put into each one of us. Beautiful! Hope to meet you in a few weeks!

    • Teri says:

      Hi Monica — I know, right? Such attention to details in even the littlest things. I am looking forward to meeting YOU!! What an amazing group of girlz we’ve got, I am impressed! =) I LOVE the work Shannon did on my site, I would highly recommend her, she’s GREAT! See you soon…..

  2. Sandi says:

    Love the photo of the gransshopper….it is beautiful but that is as close as I want to be! God is amazing. I think that is why I enjoy my solo driving runs. Each time out on the road, even if it is the same destination there are new and beautiful things to see and appreciate. All the different textures as things grow and mature, all the shades of color & like you said the way God pays attention to each detail, like spots on the young fawn….love it all…God is good (:

    • Teri says:

      I know — I like to keep my distance too from those little critters!! I love how you notice all those things on your road trips…I’m the same way – I think that’s why I love long drives, I like to take in ALL the beauty. Especially during the fall. =)

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