Isn't it Beautiful?

“Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL mama?”  That’s how Zane described the “flower” that he gave me.

What do you think?  Do you think it’s beautiful?  The flower in the picture to the left;  it IS a flower isn’t it?

He picked this flower just for me while he was on a bike ride with Rachel, our nanny, yesterday.  Actually, she told me that he asked her to help him pick it……how sweet.  Once he got it in his hand, he pedaled carefully on his bike all the way home; very cautious to eliminate any chance of having the fuzzy parts blow off.  He was successful.  It arrived PERFECT!

When I got home and saw this flower sitting on our kitchen counter in the plastic cup full of water, my heart melted!

After he gave me the flower I thought to myself, “While on a bike ride, would I have thought…THAT was beautiful?”  Hhhhmmmmm ~ Probably NOT.  But, now that I have it, now that I’ve received it as a gift, I think it’s beautiful!  Why?  Because of the heart behind it.  the motive.  the thoughtfulness.  the joy.

What I’m noticing is this:  As I GROW I gain different perspective.  With different perspective comes NEW realities and NEW truth.  With the NEW realities and NEW truth comes a greater appreciation.  With that greater appreciation I see more things BEAUTIFUL!

I love the journey of growth that I’m on.  I would definitely say that the things I find beautiful today are extremely different than that of 5 years ago.  What I didn’t notice as beautiful before has NOW become beautiful to me.  I’m NOT just talking about the flower I received.  I’m talking about people. art. words. relationships. places. music. frogs. bad experiences (YES, BAD experiences are NOW beautiful!!).  The saying, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ has a more profound meaning to me these days…….I’ve got different eyes!

Has your perspective of what’s beautiful evolved, is it evolving?  I’m grateful mine is………lovin’ MY BEAUTIFUL flower!

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