I was NOT feeling well yesterday, the sinus infection or whatever it is that I have right now kept me in bed all day – ugh!!  It took everything I had to get up, get ready and get going to the Christmas concert at our friend’s church.
It took us about an hour to get Hope Presbyterian Church in Ft. Myers – thanks to Google maps on my blackberry, we didn’t get lost! Our friend Bill is the pastor of this church and his wife Andrea Stephens is the author of sixteen books for teens and founder of The B.A.B.E. Seminar Series for teen girls.  The Christmas concert was put on to raise money to support B.A.B.E.
In concert was Ayiesha Woods and her brother Don – they were amazing!!  They did such a wonderful job; delivered a GREAT message focusing on traditions and the real meaning of Christmas.  WOW, I’m soooooo glad we went – what a blessing!
Beautiful. Accepted. Blessed. Eternally Significant.  That’s what B.A.B.E. stands for.  This is the message that Andrea is bringing to teen girls across the country through her ministry – How WONDERFUL!!
I’ve always had compassion in my heart for teen girls, maybe it’s because I get it – I’ve been there. It’s tough growing up, all the drama, boys, friendships, self-esteem, wanting to fit in and then to top it off dealing with all the pressures that society puts on us.  MAN – that’s A LOT of JUNK!!
While I was at the concert I got to thinking about what the B.A.B.E. message means to me.  I couldn’t help to think that while this is a GREAT message to share with teens that there are older women (and men) everywhere who don’t feel B.A.B.E. – this is a message for EVERY generation!!  I personally struggle at times with acceptance, not feeling beautiful and wonder what my purpose is – and I know others do too!
One thing that Andrea shares is that we were born ON purpose FOR a purpose.  We are ALL Beautiful. Accepted. Blessed. Eternally Significant. and matter to God who created us.
How do you feel?  What does this message mean to you?  If we strive to feel like B.A.B.E.S think of how life changing that could be to ourselves and others around us.

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