ART ~ Really?

I don’t get a chance to spend much time on the internet, but when I do – I have a few favorite sites and blogs I like to catch up on.  One of them is – a blog written by Heather.  Leah turned me onto her blog a few months ago after she read her story.  Heather and I both have something in common……recovery.  With that?  I get a “part of her” and I enjoy her writing.

She posted this blog Best books on writing AND photography/photo editing tips – I read it.  I appreciated the tips, but what I appreciated the most is the video she shared at the end.  Above the embedded video she wrote, “Get ready to shimmy your shoulders…” that intrigued me so I watched it.

My shoulders didn’t shimmy, but it sure did stir up something in my heart.  It got me thinking about what I’m doing in my life and with keeping it personal.  It was like the questions and statements in the video/song were reading my mind;  I’ve asked them OR thought them ALL before.

Then I questioned, is what we are doing a “form” of ART?  Writing? Keeping it Personal?

What is ART?  That is a word that I would NOT use to describe anything about me!  In fact, I would say that I am the LEAST artistic person that I know!!  So, like I always do, I asked what the definition was.  It says:  skill, creativity.

This makes sense to me:  The video is ART, the song behind the video is ART, the writer of the song, Tanya Davis, she’s creative and has skill – to me, that is ART.

ME?  I’m wrestling with how to describe what I’m doing.  Here are my questions/thoughts……….

Just because I like them, does that mean I should I mic them? and see what might unfold? || I think of the significance of my opinions here, is it significant to be giving them? does anybody care? || Just because I’m into this does that mean I should live like it? AND really do I dare? || I can’t always tell if I ought to? || If I make it will someone take it and think that its genuine?  Would they be glad that I did because they got something good out of it? || Will they leave me and be any more inspired? || I question the outcome of the outpouring of myself. || If I tell everyone my stories will it keep me healthy and well? || Will it give me purpose?  be some sort of service to the world? || Is it worth it?  how can I tell? || What am I passing on? || What seeds are being planted? || Can a broken heart make great art? || Experiment. (BUT, what will others think?) || Don’t care much. (BUT, I do!) || My heart is trying to hard to follow you, but I can’t always tell if I ought to.

Check out this video…….

Does is make you want to “shimmy your shoulders”? OR  Does it stir something in your heart?

I think that what I’ve decided is that what we are doing is ART.

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