April 5, 2011

{Photo}  Our last day of spring break, rain.  Before we headed to the airport I took the boys to the Holocaust Museum.  We’ve been coming here for years, driven by it hundreds of times and today we went in.  This small space spoke to me; my heart, my core.  I learned from the past, like the sticker says.  What a great message the boys received from this experience.  Small bits evil can grow to be huge devastating evil, what gets fed grows.  Our tour guide related this to bullying for the boys.  We have 4 choices:  we can participate,  look away, stand up for the victim, and/or take action to be part of a solution.  We had great conversations after left and were reflecting about courage and overcoming evil with good.  I want to go back.

{Daily KIP}  Surface. External. Depth-LESS.  We cannot patch up the surface and expect to see significant change or positive sustainable results in any area of our lives OR in troubled relationships with others.  We must get to the core, discover the root; the depth.  Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and go to work? Identify the “roots” – un-forgiveness, resentment, selfishness, impurity, wrong motive, etc.?

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