April 2, 2011

{Photo}  It’s deep sea fishing today – 13 miles out – the boat left the marina at 7:45am.  He was so excited to go, he could hardly sleep even though he’s been many times; this nugget absolutely loves to fish!  Most often, I’m the one who takes him.  Here’s how it works:  we both have fishing poles, we both fish.  When I get a nibble or catch a fish, I pass along my rod to him and he reels ‘em in.  When he catches one, he keeps his pole and reels ‘em in.  Essentially, he catches all the fish.  I’m ok with it – I just enjoy spending time with him and taking pictures.  Today he only caught 1 keeper, we brought it back to the restaurant – they fried it up for him and he ate it.

{Daily KIP}  Our talents, gifts, and strengths will grow and increase if we recognize, embrace, and deal with our weaknesses.  What good can develop from your areas of weakness?

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