April 11, 2011

{Photo}  We had a little bit of a battle tonight with the little nugget, poor guy – reading was not something he wanted to do at all!  So, it was just us.  I listen while he reads about war-n-stuff, he’s really into that.  I love being a mom.  I love being their mom.

{Daily KIP}  When something happens in our lives often our initial response is, “I need to take care of this NOW!  Take action!  Solve this problem!  Answer quickly!”  We can easily get caught up with operating in others’ time frames that we don’t take time to wait.  Waiting could be the best initial response.  When pressured to quickly respond, consider praying and ask God for His direction.  This may require patience and waiting as we receive His guidance.

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  1. Mrs. White says:

    Excellent advice!

    Mrs. White

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