3in30 Check In: March 11, 2011

I knew this week was going to be full since I was facilitating one of our Ultimate Journey courses on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  WOW and AMAZED are two words to describe what God did in 3 people’s lives this past week as we journeyed to unpack self-deception.  Healing.  Restoration. Freedom.  Joy.  I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to experience that with others each month.  With that said, here’s my update:

Personal – Goal 1 – Write Daily.  I have a new deadline for the book, a new publication date with the publisher.  My desire is to meet this deadline, to accomplish that, I need to carve out time everyday to write.  I can do THIS!

{UPDATE}  I lost a couple of days for writing, because of The Ultimate Journey – It’s an emotionally draining process for everyone involved, so writing wasn’t in me and now I’m off schedule a little bit.  BUT I believe I can gain that time back this coming week since my schedule is pretty wide open.

Relationships – Goal 2 – “Seek to understand, rather than to be understood.”  That is what I want to focus in all my relationships, especially with my husband and my boys.  Understanding.

{UPDATE}  This continues to go well, especially with my boys.  I am asking a lot of questions, listening to them to understand their little hearts.  We are spending a lot more time talking and sharing – I love it!

Emotional - Goal 3 – Finish reading The Me I Want to Be – by John Ortberg <– loving it…almost done.  And finish reading Fearless – by Max Lucado <– started it…loving it!  I’ve got these two books going, I want to finish them – they ecourage, empower, educate.

{UPDATE}  One down, one to go!  I FINISHED “The Me I Want to Be” – what a GREAT book, I would highly recommend it for anyone.  I actually want to re-read it, I just know I could get even more out of it.  The last chapter, Ask for a mountain – LOVE it!  The book I’m writing is a Mountain and it is refining me to the core – I love the adventure even though it is a “mountain.”

I am growing, I’m asking for mountains…things that give me opportunities to become you-ier; what are you asking for?

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” ~ John Maxwell

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